Yummy cabbage….? Sauerkraut…?

Hello world~~~

It seems I haven’t cooked in a long time. Truth be told, a person can’t really do anything without inspiration. While I did cook this food several times, I haven’t cooked it recently, so the pictures are a little old.

The recipe is VERY easy, requires minimum effort, but the food might be done in about an hour? Depending on the heat source, pot, and stuff. This recipe is good for any season, vegetarian, vegan, and very popular during lent and other fasting periods. It can be eaten as is, or as a side dish, much like Korean Kimchi. You can prepare this cabbage food with raw white or red cabbage, or with pickled white cabbage. Red pickled cabbage is only eaten like any other pickles.


  • 1 cabbage head
  • some salt
  • some condiments – black pepper, bullion cube
  • some tomato sauce – ketchup also works if you don’t have sauce
  • some oil – not more than 3 or 4 spoons of oil for a large cabbage head

half white cabbage


  • chop the cabbage head. You can do this by hand or in a chopper machine, if you have. If you want to chop by hand, read on, otherwise you can skip to the next step. My picture is very unclear, so let me explain: cut the cabbage head into quarters. Then, on the chopping board, take 1 quarter and start cutting really thin slices, much like you would julienne an onion.
  • pour the oil in a pot large enough to contain the uncooked chopped cabbage.
  • put the chopped cabbage in the pot, and sprinkle with salt. You can add some of the condiments now, but not the black pepper.

‘jullienned’ cabbage in a pot [this is just half a cabbage head]

  • place on low to medium heat, and cover with a lid
  • you must stir from time to time, or the cabbage at the bottom will get burned while the top remains uncooked.
  • during cooking, the cabbage will ‘shrink’ and turn translucent. When all the cabbage looks like this, it is done, but it is best to still leave it for some 15 minutes. Feel free to taste it to check its consistency: you shouldn’t feel it crunchy.
  • when all the cabbage changed its color, feel free to add thee tomato sauce or ketchup and black pepper. Leave it on the fire until all crunchy-ness is gone.

cooked and with tomato sauce. very poor lights 😦

You might know this dish as Sauerkraut, however if you use raw cabbage you can’t really call it that. The difference between using sour cabbage and a raw cabbage is in the taste: the sour cabbage will taste, well more sour while the raw cabbage cooked this way will be more sweet. The sour version may work better with heavier meats or more greasy meats while this one with lean meats.

Bon appetit~~~~