Roasting steak and potatoes at once

Hello World~~~

When I write this, there are about 3 more days till Christmas. Many people who celebrate it have the custom of cooking a lot of dishes for the occasion. I will most likely go help some relatives with their cooking and they will give me some of the prepared food in exchange. I clearly do this out of more reasons, but the main one is to ensure there isn’t much food thrown away. Giving left overs food to the homeless here is basically throwing t away because all they want is money, not food.

So, what do people do when they must cook several dishes because they have a large family, they plan on giving it away to those less fortunate, or because of other reasons? Usually they will spend more time in the kitchen, but sometimes not even the extra hands they may receive as help are not enough.

the potatoes have various shapes, neat!

Sometimes, cooking more dishes at once is helpful, as it cuts down the cooking time, by about a half. This depends of course on what needs to be baked, and how many heat sources there are on the stove-top. Mine has 3 that work, the 4th one is really small and not working for some reason, not even by itself, so I’m not using it.

The other week I had some pork meat I wanted roasted. I also had some potatoes I wanted to cook in a different way than the usual [AKA fries]. I decided on roasted or baked type of wedges. Basically I dressed the potatoes in oil and salt,after having them cut in thicker slices, and then I spread them in an oven pan. You know the type: large surface, quite shallow,  and that doesn’t need other support except for the oven’s walls.

roasting potatoes, cooking pork steak

However, what can I do with the pork meat? I was rather hungry, so I couldn’t wait for 2 things to cook separately, so I placed it on the extra microwave grill-thing. Of course I did something wrong because the meat didn’t cook as I liked it to be cooked and it required more cooking. But, I have a super old stove and its oven has a heat source [gas fire] on the bottom and no ventilation. The oven also lacks its grill most modern ovens have over here. I was forced to use 2 oven trays, reducing the needed heat to nicely cook the pork. This meant that my solution was meant to fail from the start in this particular oven. Of course, I did fear this outcome, but I had to give it a try. However, if you have an electric oven or one with ventilation, this method might work.

Maybe you let me know? Give some more tips?