Baking a mini Swiss-roll

Hello world~~~

So tonight I wanted something sweet that I didn’t have before. I also wanted to try out a new recipe. It turns out the recipe is not something I didn’t prepare before, however the method is new. At least for me.

The recipe’s called “Mini Strawberry Roll Cake.” This is basically a Swiss-roll that uses the ingredients for a basic sponge or pound cake. There is nothing difficult up to here, right? The plot twist comes from the cooking method: in a frying pan, on the stove top. Say what? You better check out this video to learn how’s done, step by step.

Easy, right? Easy indeed, however, without the proper type of pan and with the wrong fire settings, you’re doomed to fail, like it happened to me. XD So, what happened, that I failed something so simple?

To be honest, my mixer broke down, so I had to mix by hand, and this bad because the consistency of the batter and then of the cake will be different. I also had to use double quantities of ingredients because the batter didn’t seem to be enough. My pan is not thick, but thin, which mean that whatever I try to fry in it will be burned if I don’t pay attention. And this is what happened to me. The batter got burned on the bottom, while the top wasn’t cooking.

I managed to cook it completely in the end, by throwing it in the oven. It should have been fluffier, but thanks to the lack of a mixer, not much happened. I’m also sure she uses some sort of witchcraft to make it properly. haha

I managed to eat it, at least around the burned part. My verdict would be: try it out, because even if it’s not perfect, it might satisfy your cravings. If you have tips for me, please share them below.