Hello world~~~

Today I prepared some Dorayaki [this is a link to a Wikipedia page talking about this dessert]. For those who don’t know what Dorayaki is, this is a brief description: a sandwich made of 2 pancakes (not crepes), with some jam filling. This is a Japanese dessert and it is usually filled with Anko (red bean paste). However, a quick search and a few recipes later you find out you can even use Nutella or Orange jam like I did.

Picture belongs to Nami @ One Cook Book.

I will not post the recipe, but 2 links to 2 very similar recipes made by 2 different lovely Japanese women who love cooking, a few pictures, and a video tutorial if you follow it better. Nami, I’m sorry I didn’t ask for permission, …. my skills are not as good as yours in taking pictures. Today I tried your recipe and I thought I’m in heaven. Nami’s recipe has step by step and clear pictures.

I must say the orange jam I used, was made by an aunt and she’s really good at making jams. She didn’t want to share the recipe for the jam, but you should know she used the whole orange, peel and all. She just cut the orange in small cubes, and then proceeded with a lot of sugar, possibly a touch of cinnamon, and with the process of making jam.

Matcha Dorayaki (click for recipe). The picture belongs to its owner who posted it on

The 2nd recipe is a video tutorial, but the description box has the recipe written as well. Thank you Ochikeron for showing me just how easy and delicious Dorayaki are. This recipe is the one I first tried out.

Bon appetit~~~~