[blog entry.5] Cooking for myself.. having a sensitive stomach

Hello world..

So I have a recipe waiting to be posted, as well an entry or two for my other blog. However something stops me from writing those right now. I will talk about something else because I’m a better procrastinator, and I’m wondering if I’m the only one feeling this way.

Eating the food I cook.

I can’t seem to enjoy my own cooking. I find the food tastes bland and just weird and wrong. My flat mate ensures me this is not the case. Well, sometimes the dishes are not as nice as I would expect them to be, and they do tell me when this happens. I can clearly trust them when they tell me something about my cooking. Whatever I think about my own cooking must be only in my head. It could also be related to the fact that I have a weak stomach so I can’t even eat just about anything or everything without getting a heartburn or nauseous….. or something.

I prefer chicken legs to chicken breast. I like meatballs and pork meat. I cant enjoy these foods. The chicken legs make me VERY nauseous for some reason. The last time we had chicken legs I discovered that if I have them the net day, cold from the fridge I’m OK. Meatballs are bad for my stomach in the way that I get heart burns.. If the meatballs are made with onion, garlic, dill, or even parsley.. even one of them can give me a hard time – and I mean in a VERY nasty way. I can only eat a couple of meatballs I prepare, sometimes not even those… … and the pork meat.. I can’t cook it nicely, so I don’t like it :/

It goes without saying I can’t eat processed meats :/ I don’t particularly like them. Bacon doesn’t count! I can have bacon and I like it raw :> But of course, just like a slice or two, not more, and with mustard.

Did you know that even something as simple as rice can hurt me? I can’t really eat it cooked in an Asian style – boiled in plain water. I must cook it with some oil.. and this is not very healthy. Fries must be what I cook the most – it’s really easy to prepare. I do have a few fries when they’re done, but I can’t have a whole serving. I seem to be OK-ish with McD’s fries, though.. but I generally dislike fast-food foods.

By now you probably got the idea. So, what do I do as to stay in an OK state? I watch my diet: I already do not eat or even buy onions and garlics – what reason would I have? – I try to eat much smaller servings of anything, and make sure I always have medicine on hand if the situation goes out of hand.

Have a great week~~ and an awesome spring 🙂