Pound cake with banana and quince jam

This recipe is over a month overdue. I’m sorry about that. Better later than never, right?

First of all, you need to know that Romanians would try and make jam out of any fruit out there, though if it’s a rather expensive one or a fruit they’re not familiar with, this rule might not apply. So if you never heard of a quince jam before, this is why. I never made jams before, but my aunt is trying to turn into jams all the fruits she can get her hands on. Because of this she’s sending jars over with her latest creations. I’m not a big fan of jams, but hers are so sweet and flavored it was a shame to let it go to waste. If you want to make a quince jam, I’m pretty sure it’s done like any other jam. Make sure to add some cinnamon too to it if you’re not allergic to this flavor. You can also add walnuts or maybe pecans too for a twist, of course, if you’re not allergic to nuts.

I came up with this new pound cake flavor and I will share it with you. I also have a few secrets that not many are willing to share, and this is a shame. Alright! here comes the recipe!


  • 3 eggs
  • 1 medium banana [or half of a bigger one, maybe a small banana is better?]
  • 4 table spoons water
  • 4 table spoons oil
  • 1 cup sugar
  • some baking powder
  • 1 – 2 pinch of salt
  • some vanilla flavoring
  • 2 or 3 table spoons of quince jam
  • ~ 1 cup of all purpose flour
  • 1 lime [I had a random lime in the fridge]


You can use self raising flour as well, but you give up the baking powder.


  • Separate your egg whites from the yolks. Mousse the whites.

  • Mix the water with the sugar and pour over the egg whites mousse. Mix well.
  • Pour the oil over your yolks and the salt, and mix them until well blended together. Add this over the meringue and mix well.

  • Add the vanilla directly into the mixture. Mix the baking powder and flour together and gradually incorporate into your mixture. Mix well.

left: banana and quince jam. right: peeled lime

  • Mash your banana and mix it with the quince jam, lime peel and lime juice. I tried hard to peel that lime. It doesn’t work too well, as you can see from the picture. Add this fruit mixture to your batter and mix well. If you find it too soft, add more flour. [maybe one more table spoon, but not more than 2]

Head the oven. Prepare your baking tray, and pour the batter into it. Bake for about 45 minutes? on medium heat..

i burnt mine 😦 it was still good though.

TIP: I used the wrong tray, the one used for pound cake loafs. Because of all the fruits, this pound cake bakes slower than usual. I think that bananas usually slow down the baking process. A larger baking pan or tray like the one for cake might work better: you better get a thinner pound cake than one that is under baked. I kinda burned mine, but the fruits also made the batter darker.

When it finally baked, let it cool, then slice it up. Decorate with confectioners’ sugar and serve. You might want to serve this with some tea or coffee.

I have a VERY old gas oven. The gas never has the same pressure, so baking for me is always a game of guessing and gambling. This makes my cooking experience that much more interesting and exciting 😀 haha.

Bon apettit~~~

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