Some hacks for cooking [lesson 3?]

I originally wanted to made yet a different type of entry for this post, but I realized most cooking hacks can be lessons for us all.

Usually hacks make our lives easier, right? Sometimes they can help us not waste money, stay healthier, and can bring other benefits as well. Talk is cheap, so let me share some hacks in the kitchen, that you may or may not know.


Do you want to know if your eggs are fresh? You probably check them in water to see if they float or not. I can’t imagine anyone not knowing this, however, unless you raise your own hens you can’t really know how fresh those eggs really are. Depending on where you buy your eggs from and various rules governing your supermarket, you might be able to touch or inspect the eggs before paying. You should inspect them for cracks because you don’t want to have an omelet in your bag before you reach home. Now, pay attention to the surface of the egg as well: a shiny, smooth egg shell is a sign of an older eggs. The shinier and smoother the shell is, the older the egg. A fresh egg would feel dry, is dull [no shine at all], and might even give the impression of pores to the touch. Perhaps, you can feel like you’re touching some chalk and not an egg, but without getting your fingers dirty.

not my picture

NOTE: this works with all eggs laid by hens, no matter their shell’s color. I don’t know anything about the eggs of other birds because I don’t eat them.

MILK hacks

  • Many people love drinking milk. We all know milk goes bad really fast. If your milk started to taste off, don’t throw it out, but leave it on the table for a few more days: it will turn into sour and thick milk, resembling more a drinkable yogurt. This milk is great in sweets batter like pancakes or pound cakes, and most types of sponge cakes. You might need to use more flour though, but the end product will be more rich.

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  • Mix it with some eggs, sugar, raisins, some vanilla, and a pinch of salt,  throw this mixture in a deeper baking dish, and then in the oven for about an hour, or until it becomes firm. You now have a cheesy custard like thing desert to serve on a hot summer day. Of course, it needs to stay in the fridge to become really cold first.

This is it for now,

See you next time 🙂