Fried chicken

There is one thing I like eating and I never seem to be able to cook it right: fried chicken!

I know everyone loves fried chicken, and I also know there are many ways in which chicken can be fried. However this doesn’t mean that one recipe will work for everyone: it doesn’t! It’s a fact of life and the success rate is based on many things – type of stove, pan, frying method, and even experience.

Last night I managed to fry some chicken and actually managed to make it look picture perfect! 🙂 I want to share this method with you, hoping to help some of you out when it comes to dishes that you can’t seem to get right.



  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 or 2 chicken pan-legs
  • some water
  • some oil
  • some chicken liver
  • some salt and condiments if you like them

ooh, look at that pic from the future! – i actually had to edit this entry in july 2017, and it made this possible 🙂


First, make sure the meat is not frozen. I had some fresh chicken meat and some frozen chicken liver that I defrosted before using.

Secondly, make sure to cut your chicken breast in half – its cooking time will shorten.

Take a pan or a tray that is fit for using in a hot oven.

Take your chicken meat and place it in that pan. Cover the meat with water, but make sure some parts do stick out. You can season the chicken meat with salt and condiments, as you like. [I’m trying to cut down on salt, so I didn’t use salt nor condiments]

Throw that in the oven and let cook well. Your oven is surely different than mine, therefore you should know better for how long to cook your chicken meat.

Now, take a frying pan in which your chicken pieces will fit. Pour some oil in it, the chicken livers and start frying them until they are well cooked and fried.

Set the livers aside, and wait for the chicken meat in the oven to cook. DO NOT throw away NOR wash the frying pan you just used for your livers!

When the chicken is well cooked on the inside, place the pieces in the frying pan you used to fry your chicken liver, and on the stove top, to fry! Cook on both sides until the meat looks golden-brown or whatever other fried-state you like!

That’s it! Enjoy!

This method is indeed a bit complicated, but when food appearance matters, we have to do whatever it takes. Sadly, my chicken livers were eaten, so I couldn’t take a picture of that.

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