I couldn’t cook anymore [blog entry 6]

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been cooking. For the blog at least.

Last year has been quite chaotic, and I kept switching jobs. That was “fun” -_- At the same time, it took all my energy and inspiration away as well.

I was so tired, I couldn’t even clean the house. Literally, I was living in a pig’s house. I was ending with stashes of dirty dishes in my kitchen sink because I was just too tired to wash them. [I don’t own a dish washer to make my life easier.]

All this time I was wondering, how do others do it? I still wonder how do other people manage to handle a full time job, kids [if they have any], social life, and to do house related work – like cleaning, cooking, you know the “fun stuff.”

I absolutely can’t remember what was I eating this whole time. All I remember doing was sleeping, showering, eating a bit, leaving for work, coming home dead tired, sleeping, and then re-wind. Well, granted, I was made to stay at work more than 8 hours so that’s why I was so tired.. but still. I’m sure I wasn’t [or am not] the only one in that situation.

It’s pretty obvious that I can’t handle all that. Or I have to learn a way around it…

Please do share your tips and secrets to how you handle the responsibilities.

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