Yummy home-made fruity yogurt

Sorry for going MIA. I was just so tired and lacked inspiration. I’m just not cut for a full time job [I quit my last one 2 months ago.] I do feel bad about not sharing foods with you guys, but it’s not like I cooked much anyways.

But, enough about that! I have a VERY simple recipe this time! It is perfect for summer, for the kids [if you have them] and even for dieting [if you’re into that kind of stuff].

So you know, how many diets tell you to eat some plain yogurt instead of a fruity one? It’s because most of those are loaded with sugar, and defeat the purpose of “dieting.” On a side note, I am also dieting… by limiting the amount of food I’m ingesting. I think diets for diabetic people are also good and super healthy. These are the only diets I personally recommend.

Back to our recipe! Let’s assume your diet tell you to eat yogurts and fruits, so why not combine them to make for a tastier treat? This is great as dessert and as snack, but be careful it’s addictive [or maybe I get addicted too easily?]


  • some fruits – my #1 choice is 1 banana. you can also use some kiwi, cherries, avocado, strawberries, so on.
  • 1 cup? sour cream – can replace with plain yogurt of any type, but I prefer sour cream [will tell you later why]
  • 1 teaspoon of honey [optional]


  • blender
  • knife


  • Clean or peel your fruits. Make sure they’re ripe. Lately I can only find greenish [unripe] bananas here, so I search for the more beaten up ones.
  • Drop them in the blender’s cup thing – I’m not sure how’s called.
  • Add the sour cream or yogurt. I add a few spoons, but I never counted how many. I believe it’s about 200cc [about 1 European sized cup].
  • Add the honey. I think the lower the fat content in your yogurt/sour cream the more this recipe calls for honey.
  • Mix for 20 seconds? or until everything is well blended.
  • Enjoy!


I think the amount of ingredients I used in the pictures was enough for 2 servings. And one serving was one glass! Can’t wait for summer to come to try and freeze this beauty!


  • I prefer sour cream because it gives a more creamy consistency. Yogurt becomes too liquid, and it’s easier to drink.
  • I use 3.8% fat sour cream without honey, but today I used 2.6% fat plain yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey. The difference? just the consistency.
  • You can use canned fruits I believe. My pictures contain cherries from cherry jam. See below. Just don’t ask how many KGs of sugar were there in that jam, because you’ll faint. [I didn’t make the jam, I don’t know how to make jam yet.]

I had to edit this in July 2017. I don’t think this is the original order of the photos. I will have to remake this and retake better photos.